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Cash App was launched in 2009 and has been the easiest way for users to send and get money on the go since then. Buying Bitcoin in the Cash App is also really simple and thus, Cash App becomes the most preferred app for both the crypto buyers and others who want a convenient way to transfer money online. Most of the users that use the cash app on various devices have been searching about how to send Bitcoin from Cash App. And considering this, we have posted this article below through which you will know the correct way to send and to withdraw bitcoin from Cash App. The steps given underneath are really simple to follow and execute, you won’t require any helping hand. So, let’s get started.  

Easy Steps To Send Bitcoin From Cash App

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Struggling with this “how to send bitcoin from cash app?” question? Thenfollowing are the steps that you need to follow in sequence to be able to send Bitcoin from Cash App

  • You can download the official Cash app from the App Store or the Android Play Store if you don’t have it already. Next, just launch the app on your device and select either cash, dollars, or BTC for the payment mode.
  • If the options don’t appear automatically, swipe left or press the BTC button that is available in the top right corner. The next move is to select the option of buy and then swipe up to make a selection for the required amount of BTC to be bought. Click on buy after the selection.
  • The transaction must be confirmed, so enter the cash pin you are using. In this move, the iOS users can use their Touch ID. The money will be drawn into your balance before the transaction is successful. It may also ask you to provide some additional identification details for security reasons.
  • It is really convenient and easy to send Bitcoin from Cash App.

How to withdraw Bitcoin from Cash App?

How to withdraw Bitcoin from Cash App

Now for those who are thinking about how to withdraw Bitcoin from Cash App, we must tell you that the process is really easy, but it can take some time. The “Withdrawals” option must be enabled from the Cash app. The procedure also requires verification and it can take several days and sometimes even weeks to complete.

Open the Cash app and find the “Withdraw Bitcoin” option after the verification is done. This option can be found on the profile icon of the screen that you see first. To find it, search the left top corner. You can see the “funds” option first, then make a click on the option that says “bitcoin.” You will see the “Withdraw bitcoin” option under the options for buying and selling Bitcoin. Make a click on it to determine the Bitcoin sum you wish to withdraw or transfer. Click on the option of ‘Withdraw’ and fill in the details needed on the next tab. To add the recipient’s address, you may choose to scan a QR code. If desired, you can manually enter the address of the recipient using the option “Enter manually” that is available on the below of the page.

That allows you to withdraw Bitcoin from Cash App. Note that if you don’t have any Bitcoins already, you might need to buy Bitcoin before using this service. When you buy Bitcoins, remember that it is volatile and price fluctuations are frequent. All transactions, including sales, deposits and withdrawals are subject to charges too. We recommended that you should always buy more than you have to withdraw or transfer. 

Since the price of Bitcoin is really high, it’s a good time for users to send/withdraw bitcoin from Cash App. You may have some remains to deal with when you need to do some transactions later.

We hope that after going through our detailed article on the topic of how to send bitcoin from Cash App, you are able to send bitcoins using your Cash App account without encountering any problem or issue. But in case if you are still having difficulties in doing so, then we are available 24*7 to assist you for the same. Give us a call and get all the required help and assistance from the Cash App experts.

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